Onkaparinga is a proud supporter of the Think Pink Foundation

Think Pink Foundation support Onkaparinga is brand that is well known in Australia for premium bedding dating back to 1869. Our blankets, dressing gowns and uniforms made throughout the 150 years of the brands existence are known by families by name, many memories have been made either by owning our products and remembering where they came from originally, or […] Continue reading →

Stories of yesteryear…

Onkaparinga blanket We hear many stories of the Onkaparinga blankets from the early days of the brand still being used and kept as family heirlooms today.  Now almost a collector’s item, the vintage Onkaparinga blankets are a rare find in today’s society and almost a thing of the past. Designed and manufactured in Lobethal SA originally at […] Continue reading →

Increasing the longevity of your bedding.

Onkaparinga pillows We have some of the best bedding available to us here in Australia with materials sourced from all around the world.  Our bedding is chosen for its premium fibres and workmanship and is manufactured for comfort and longevity. With over 150 years in bedding, we are renowned for beautiful bedding and we aim to carry […] Continue reading →

How to up your bedroom styling game easily.

Styling your bedroom It is easy to up your bedroom styling game with just a few key items.  When you are styling a bedroom, it is important to keep comfort in mind as well as the look. Your comfort is important to keep you relaxed and ready for sleep in your bedroom.  This means your emotional comfort as […] Continue reading →

Styling your bathroom for a luxurious look.

Styling with towels Simply for yourself, styling your bathroom for a luxurious look can give you the feeling of being in a day spa or premium hotel.  It can change the feel of a home when guests arrive and find a cohesive look throughout the bathroom. Quality towels can add a luxurious feel just by coordinating colours and […] Continue reading →

Choosing the right colour palette in homewares.

Onkaparinga Bedding and Homewares Colour Palette Brand Colour is something that can change a mood of a room, it can change the emotion of a person when it is added to product, worn as clothing or viewed as images. Although we don’t think of it often, the colour palette can be something we are drawn to or we reject, without a thought as […] Continue reading →

Bringing back the Australian wool blanket

Onkaparinga Wool Blanket NEW Onkaparinga Australian Wool Blankets In the early years Onkaparinga was renowned for its quality Australian wool blankets, and over the years they dwindled into history with quilts and comforters taking over in popularity. Handed down for generations we have had stories of grandparents handing our vintage check and brightly coloured blankets to children and […] Continue reading →

The benefits of a weighted blanket.

RevitaSleep-Weighted-Blanket-Charcoal-Onkaparinga-3 The benefits of a weighted blanket can help everyone relax faster, calm the mind and body easier and sleep deeper. A weighted blanket is engineered to fit your needs individually.  When used at approximately 10% of your body weight the feeling of being held can relax the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being […] Continue reading →

Naturally breathable Australian wool bedding.

Onkaparinga Australian Washable Wool Quilt Winter Weight A much-loved bedding material for decades, naturally breathable Australian wool is still a firm family favourite each, and every season. Australian Washable Wool ‘Winter Weight’ Quilt With temperature regulating properties wool is a natural choice for bedding particularly in Australian climates.  Wool suits a variety of climates due to its breathable properties and ability to […] Continue reading →

Proudly supporting Boating for Brains

Boating for brains Boating for Brains proudly supports Neurology at The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne .  We recently donated a bedding pack that contributed to raising $80,000 at their launch event’s silent auction, a great result! The Boating for Brains crew have been busy breaking Guinness World Records by paddling along the Murray River from Yarrawonga to Swan Hill in an […] Continue reading →