Australian Wool Blankets

Our Australian wool blankets are made from ultra-fine new washable wool. Trimmed with luxury Satin, our Cashmere touch blanket will add a luxurious touch to your bedroom.

australian wool

Made from the finest Australian wool with satin binding on all four sides, the Onkaparinga Cashmere touch blanket is hand washable and available in assorted colours.

With a luxurious feel and all the quality you would expect from Onkaparinga, your cashmere touch blanket will have you sleeping soundly.

View the collection of Onkaparinga Australian wool blankets HERE

Onkaparinga also has a collection of Australian wool blankets available for baby. Our nursery range includes Australian wool, bassinet blankets, and a collection of Australian wool cot blankets in blue, pink and cream. A gorgeous gift idea for a new baby, or expecting mum.

View the collection of Onkaparinga Australian wool baby blankets HERE

Why Choose Wool?


Australian Wool is a completely natural product that gives all the warmth and comfort you would expect.

Wool is a natural fibre that breathes, this helps maintain a more even body temperature throughout night, keeping you more comfortable while you sleep.

All our Australian wool blankets will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer and have a super soft feel.

Easy Care

Our wool blankets are easy to care for, please air your new blanket for a few hours before putting on your bed. Your Onkaparinga Australian wool blanket is washable – by hand, please follow care instructions for best results.

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