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Benefits of our Cotton Quilt and Pillow Protectors

cotton quilt and protectors The Onkaparinga ‘Diamond Rose’ Cotton Quilt and Cotton Pillow Protectors are quilted with a stunning unique rose design. Filled with luxurious all natural cotton fill and casing they are functional as well as beautiful. Benefits of the ‘Diamond Rose’ Cotton Quilt is its functionality as an all season quilt. The natural fill and casing is […] Continue reading →

Which Pillow will Suit Me Best?

Onkaparinga Goose Pillow With all the standard pillows on the market, how do you know which pillow will suit me best? And do you want a standard pillow, or do you want one of ‘the’ best pillows? Onkaparinga has a proud history of being an Australian Company and now brand with over 145 years of experience in the […] Continue reading →

Australian Wool Blankets

Cashmere Touch Wool Blanket Rolled-Dove Grey Our Australian wool blankets are made from ultra-fine new washable wool. Trimmed with luxury Satin, our Cashmere touch blanket will add a luxurious touch to your bedroom. Made from the finest Australian wool with satin binding on all four sides, the Onkaparinga Cashmere touch blanket is hand washable and available in assorted colours. With a […] Continue reading →

Onkaparinga Collection

Onkaparinga-hungarian-Goose-Down-Pillow Onkaparinga is one of Australia’s oldest companies and now brands, with a rich history in Australian Wool products. Today Onkaparinga is proudly owned by William A Mcneil & Co and the collection of products from Onkaparinga today are still made with the same luxurious quality as they always were. Today, 145 years after Onkaparinga was […] Continue reading →