Why choose a down and feather quilt?

Our Hungarian goose down and feather quilts are made of the highest quality, luxurious white goose down fill with superior cotton casing.  Sourced from RDS Certified suppliers. Find out more about RDS HERE

Hungarian Responsible Down Quilt

Why choose goose down and feather?

Goose down is considered to be the premium fill material for quilts when it comes to down and feather bedding.  It provides larger clusters of down that provide superior warmth when sleeping, this also creates a gorgeous light lofty feel.

What to look for when purchasing your quilt

The higher the amount of down in the quilt the higher the warmth and quality.  When looking for a light quilt that is supremely warm in winter, ensure you choose a high down quantity.  Ensure the quilt you are purchasing has a boxed construction to keep the fill in place and reduce cold spots.

A good quality down proof cotton japara cover is the best when choosing a down and feather quilt, ensuring no feathers escape the casing when in use or laundering.

Look for quilts that are made from materials RDS Certified suppliers.   This ensures the animals involved in the sourcing have been treated well. The Onkaparinga European Collection uses only RDS Certified down and feather.

Find out more about RDS HERE

Caring for your quilt

Goose down and feather quilts offer great durability, lasting a long time when looked after correctly for the life of the quilt. Machine washable our goose down and feather quilts are easy care, to ensure your quilt keeps its loft, air and shake regularly.  Follow care instructions for each individual quilt.

The choice to invest in a quality down and feather quilt will be one you will be happy with for years to come.  Choose your quilt to suit your needs specifically and enjoy for years to come.

View the Onkaparinga European Collection HERE

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