Choosing the right colour palette in homewares.

Colour is something that can change a mood of a room, it can change the emotion of a person when it is added to product, worn as clothing or viewed as images. Although we don’t think of it often, the colour palette can be something we are drawn to or we reject, without a thought as to why.

Onkaparinga Bedding and Homewares Colour Palette Brand

Our bedding is created to help keep the mood relaxed in the bedroom while being beautiful to look at.

For a home, the colour chosen to be part of your family’s daily life is a big decision. With trends coming and going with each season, determining the colours you surround yourself is an important decision that can make an impact on your mood, your character, the reaction you have while you are in a room.  For most people these decisions are made emotionally and unconsciously, if a colour makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, or warm and cosy these are often the colours that will grace your home and help make it feel like home.

Onkaparinga Bedding and Homewares Colour Palette Brand

As a brand a lot of research goes into colour and what we choose to add into our collection of Onkaparinga bedding and homewares.

Each year professionals from around the world gather to share research on colours and the impact they have on people, they chat about trends and new materials that can impact change in the popularity of a colour collection, they strategise about what colours will be the ‘it’ colours of the season and how it determines us.

In many industries, including ours the colours we choose for our collections are often decided very much ahead of any new colour trends hitting our shores.  When you see a new colour added to a collection or a new product, the colour of that product has often been determined 12-18 months in advance, it has been specifically chosen after hours of research by our design team right here in Australia.

Onkaparinga Bedding and Homewares Colour Palette Brand

Our quilt cover sets are created to be classic with a modern twist to suit the season and the senses.

The research that goes into each collection of Onkaparinga homewares and bedding is a fun but painstaking process and takes our talented team hours of research for each item.  The decisions are made based on research that was once based on scientific evidence of the impact of colours on a person as well as forecast trends.

With all of our products being designed in Australia we often find our product development team pouring over images of homes and homewares from all over the world.  With Europe often being the forefront of design change our team visit at least once a year to scour trade shows, suppliers and prowl the shops for inspiration on what is to come in the latest fabrics and colours in the following year to Australia.

Onkaparinga Bedding and Homewares Colour Palette Brand

Our complete collection of bedding has been designed by our in-house team in Melbourne.

Our team will often design a collection of homewares or bedding that coordinates beautifully with each product in that collection through a whole complimentary colour palette, making choosing items a pleasing experience for the senses and easy to create a cohesive relaxed look in your home.

Colour is a way of communicating to a person beyond words and so colour forecasting is an important step in the process of developing product for Onkaparinga.  After being renowned for beautiful bedding for 150 years, our team is still building collections to remain one of Australia’s favourite bedding brands.

Onkaparinga Bedding and Homewares Colour Palette Brand

Celebrating 150 years of beautiful bedding with the return of Australian wool blankets to the collection.  With colours and materials carefully chosen to reflect our long history in wool & textiles #since1869

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