Benefits of bamboo bedding.

We have seen an increase in bamboo being used in homewares, bedding and even clothing over the past few years and with very good reason.  Bamboo bedding is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial whist regulating temperature in much the same way as cotton or wool will.

Benefits of bamboo bedding

In bedding, the ability to reduce the amount of moisture in your sleeping environment will automatically discourage the triggers of most allergies such as dust mites, a great benefit to those suffering from allergies.  A natural fibre, bamboo will naturally wick away any moisture from the skin, unlike any synthetic fibre.

The softness and suppleness of bamboo is one of the reasons we have introduced bamboo to our collection of blankets.  With bamboo proving to be even more breathable than cotton we are excited to introduce it into our range, and we aim to use it more as Onkaparinga moves into its 150th year in premium bedding.

Benefits of bamboo bedding

Naturally temperature regulating, bamboo is the perfect solution for your bedding all year round.  Use your soft bamboo blanket as a lighter layer during the warmer months, add it as an extra layer over a quilt for the cooler months.

During those cool night’s bamboo will create a natural insulation.  Whilst highly breathable the warm air encased in your blanket will cool more slowly and allow you to enjoy the warmth from your body heat for longer. 

Benefits of bamboo bedding

Bamboo is a natural, quick growing resource. A renewable source that brings minimal harm to the environment as it grows quickly and as naturally as possible.  The natural properties and softness off this material make it appealing for use in homewares and clothing.

Unlike synthetic fibres Bamboo can be composted and disposed of in an environmentally sound manner

Benefits of bamboo bedding

Our soft textured blankets give a casual feel to any interior when styled as a throw over bedding or a lounge chair. In two gorgeous colours, the crisp white or light blue will suit most interiors and that softness will have you swooning.

View the collection Bamboo blankets HERE.

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