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Benefits of bamboo bedding.

Benefits of bamboo bedding
We have seen an increase in bamboo being used in homewares, bedding and even clothing over the past few years and with very good reason.  Bamboo bedding is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial whist regulating temperature in much the same way as cotton or wool will. In bedding, the ability to reduce the amount of moisture […]
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Stories of yesteryear…

Onkaparinga blanket
We hear many stories of the Onkaparinga blankets from the early days of the brand still being used and kept as family heirlooms today.  Now almost a collector’s item, the vintage Onkaparinga blankets are a rare find in today’s society and almost a thing of the past. Designed and manufactured in Lobethal SA originally at […]
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Bringing back the Australian wool blanket

Onkaparinga Wool Blanket
NEW Onkaparinga Australian Wool Blankets In the early years Onkaparinga was renowned for its quality Australian wool blankets, and over the years they dwindled into history with quilts and comforters taking over in popularity. Handed down for generations we have had stories of grandparents handing our vintage check and brightly coloured blankets to children and […]
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The benefits of a weighted blanket.

The benefits of a weighted blanket can help everyone relax faster, calm the mind and body easier and sleep deeper. A weighted blanket is engineered to fit your needs individually.  When used at approximately 10% of your body weight the feeling of being held can relax the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being […]
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