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The inspirational story behind our latest bed linen collection.

Australian native flowers bed linen
Inspired by nature, our latest collection of bed linen includes delicate hand drawn foliage strongly influenced by Australian flora. Designed right here in Melbourne, our artist in residence used a range of Australian native flora to inspire two of our new quilt cover sets to inspire your home décor and help create a beautiful bedroom […]
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Want that hotel bed feel at home?

Onkaparinga Hotel Bed Feeling
Come the holiday season we don’t want to leave the resort or hotel, especially the bed! Those fresh sheets and that extra layer of luxe just has us all wanting to order room service and stay in. Bring that hotel luxe feel into your home by investing in a few premium items that will have […]
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How to up your bedroom styling game easily.

Styling your bedroom
It is easy to up your bedroom styling game with just a few key items.  When you are styling a bedroom, it is important to keep comfort in mind as well as the look. Your comfort is important to keep you relaxed and ready for sleep in your bedroom.  This means your emotional comfort as […]
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Styling your bathroom for a luxurious look.

Styling with towels
Simply for yourself, styling your bathroom for a luxurious look can give you the feeling of being in a day spa or premium hotel.  It can change the feel of a home when guests arrive and find a cohesive look throughout the bathroom. Quality towels can add a luxurious feel just by coordinating colours and […]
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Benefits of our Cotton Quilt and Pillow Protectors

cotton quilt and protectors
The Onkaparinga ‘Diamond Rose’ Cotton Quilt and Cotton Pillow Protectors are quilted with a stunning unique rose design. Filled with luxurious all natural cotton fill and casing they are functional as well as beautiful. Benefits of the ‘Diamond Rose’ Cotton Quilt is its functionality as an all season quilt. The natural fill and casing is […]
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Which Pillow will Suit Me Best?

Onkaparinga Goose Pillow
With all the standard pillows on the market, how do you know which pillow will suit me best? And do you want a standard pillow, or do you want one of ‘the’ best pillows? Onkaparinga has a proud history of being an Australian Company and now brand with over 145 years of experience in the […]
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