How to up your bedroom styling game easily.

It is easy to up your bedroom styling game with just a few key items.  When you are styling a bedroom, it is important to keep comfort in mind as well as the look.

Onkaparinga Quilt Cover Set Australian Flora

Your comfort is important to keep you relaxed and ready for sleep in your bedroom.  This means your emotional comfort as well as physical.  Your emotional comfort will come from having shades or colours and textures that help you feel relaxed.  Physical comfort will come from choosing the correct pillow, quilts and bedding to keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Keeping your décor to suit your personal style and in colours or shades that you love will help you achieve a room that helps you be relaxed and calm at the end of a hard day.

Start with the physical comfort and style of your bedroom by upgrading your bedding with products that will have you feeling relaxed in no time.  If you like the plump feel of a topper on your mattress invest in one that will give you that soothing feeling each time you jump into bed.

Onkaparinga bedding quilts & pillows

Layer your bed with a quilt that suits your sleeping needs.  Choose Australian wool or down and feather for a luxurious lofty look and size up for the option to drape the bedding casually over the bed for a relaxed feel (Sizing up also helps with any sleepers who like to steal the covers!). For a queen size bed, purchase king for this deluxe look.

Add extra pillows to your bed to achieve the cosy relaxed look.  Choose a supportive pillow in a style that will help you sleep well and add a few extra pillows with a lot of loft to cosy up to while you relax.  These decorative pillows will look great with pillowcases that coordinate with your chosen quilt cover set.

Once you have taken care of the styling and comfort of your bed,  decking it out in a quilt cover set that you love is the way to a super relaxing room that will echo your personality and have you enjoying the space just that little bit more.

Onkaparinga quilt cover set blue

Choose a quilt cover set that has a hint of your room colour in it to help tie in the look, or coordinate it will a key piece of art, decor or furniture for a cohesive look.

Look for coordinating European pillowcases and cushions when purchasing your quilt cover set.  Adding some Euro pillows to your ensemble will add a little height to your styling and also gives you the option to really cosy up when retreating to the bedroom for some me time. Euro pillows and cushions can also be added to a lounge chair in the room to pull the look together throughout the room.

The options are endless when it comes to adding a little style to your bedroom.  Colour, patterned prints, florals or texture can all be added by changing a few accessories when you feel the need for a new look.

Invest in quality bedding to keep you comfortable at night, then style however makes you feel like you never want to leave, and you have reached you’re A game in styling.

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