Increasing the longevity of your bedding.

We have some of the best bedding available to us here in Australia with materials sourced from all around the world.  Our bedding is chosen for its premium fibres and workmanship and is manufactured for comfort and longevity. With over 150 years in bedding, we are renowned for beautiful bedding and we aim to carry on that tradition for another 150 years.

Onkaparinga pillows

With stories of our wool blankets from our brands early days lasting 70 plus years we know what it means to our customers to invest in Onkaparinga and we are proud to still be producing bedding that people are telling stories about!

Washable, easy care bedding is important for families.  All of our bedding is washable, making it a great investment in your health and wellbeing.  Fresh bedding and a great night’s sleep is imperative to your health both mentally and physically.

Onkaparinga Hungarian Down & Feather Quilt and bedding

Before caring for your quilts and pillows it is vital to check any specific cleaning, washing or care instructions for that particular item.  Stick to those instructions and you should find yourself telling stories about the quality of your Onkaparinga bedding for years to come.

Giving quilts and pillows a shake and a plump up at regular intervals will help to keep any loft, keep that plump look and fill in place.

Airing quilts and pillows regularly will not only help rid any moisture from the product it will also help reduce the number of dust mites.  Leaving your bed unmade may be a little taboo, but if you need an excuse for not making the bed we are happy to help!

Making your bed straight away can trap any excess moisture, sweat and skin, making it a little happy home for dust mites.  Leaving your bed unmade until later in the day can help extend the life of your bedding and improve your health by exposing any moisture to fresh air and sunlight, reducing the amount of little mites making themselves comfortable.

Airing your quilt outside in the fresh air regularly is great for the longevity of your bedding.  Again, check the care instructions for information on if a sunny or shady spot is best and also if hanging or laying flat is best. If in doubt, laying flat in the shade should not damage your quilt. The same can be said for pillows.  Fresh air will reduce the moisture in any bedding and not only help reduce dust mites but also give that fresh air smell naturally.

Onkaparinga pillows and bedding

Spot cleaning or thoroughly cleaning your quilt will require specific instructions, so find the tag and follow carefully.  Each material and fill requires its own set of instructions, we are careful to provide only instructions that will help increase the longevity in your bedding.  Consultation with suppliers, manufacturers and our in house product development for each and every product that carries our name is the way we have such a reputation for quality.  Following these will help us hear your stories about how much you love your Onkaparinga bedding for the years to come.

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