Bringing back the Australian wool blanket

Onkaparinga Wool Blanket

NEW Onkaparinga Australian Wool Blankets

In the early years Onkaparinga was renowned for its quality Australian wool blankets, and over the years they dwindled into history with quilts and comforters taking over in popularity.

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Handed down for generations we have had stories of grandparents handing our vintage check and brightly coloured blankets to children and grandchildren.  We have had proud grandparents order a brand-new Australian wool blanket for the family’s new baby, creating new heirlooms for the next generation.

The stories…

We have heard of couples having Onkaparinga blankets in their glory boxes when they got married and fifty years later still have them good as new on their bed.  Pictures of soldiers that carried Onkaparinga blankets during the war have been received, sent by loved ones that to this day hold these blankets as treasures are received with pleasure.

Onkaparinga Wool Blanket history

When will they return? …

We get asked daily about when our much-loved Australian wool blankets will make a return and we have refused to add an Australian woollen blanket to our collection until the quality could rival those beloved blankets from the past.

Our NEW Australian wool blankets have arrived.

Celebrating our proud history …

Onkaparinga blankets are a part of Australian history and we are proud to be part of that history.  Celebrating the brands 150th Anniversary this year, we believed the blankets should return as a celebration of something special from the past.

For our celebration year we have introduced two beautiful Australian wool blankets, both a nod to our heritage;

  • Our ‘Check Australian wool blanket’ Onkaparinga blanket has a beautiful heritage check in modern greys and navy to one side and a rich navy to the reverse.  A classic blanket stich edge to the blanket is a little throw back to way back when, when Onkaparinga blankets had the original blanket stitch edging.
  • Our ‘Australian wool blanket’ in grey is fully reversable with the much-loved satin edging that gives the blanket the feel of yesteryear.  Light grey to one side and charcoal to the reverse this modern take on the heirloom Onkaparinga blanket will have you cosying up all winter.


Onkaparinga ‘Check’ Heirloom Blanket


Onkaparinga ‘Grey’ Heirloom Blanket

Creating the heirlooms of the future.

View the Onkaparinga blanket collection HERE.

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