Pillows, a great night’s sleep & your wellbeing.

Getting a great night’s sleep is a vital part in your wellbeing both physically and mentally.  Not enough sleep and your body will start to feel the effects with reduced ability to focus and function effectively in the short term.  With long term sleep issues, the implications to your health can be far more serious.

Diamond Rose Cotton Pillow Protectors – A beautiful way to protect your investment.

Your pillow and how it can affect your sleep health.

The first thing we think about when we look at our bedding is normally our quilt, and for most of us this is where most of the thought behind materials and types goes.  While this is a great start to working on your sleep health, what about your trusty pillow?

Finding the right pillow for YOU is the first step to a great night’s sleep.  Before you think about what type of pillow, think about the way you sleep.  Do you sleep on your stomach, your side or your back?

This can help you choose the correct profile for your pillow, important in ensuring your neck is fully supported while you sleep.  Keeping the correct ‘sleeping posture’ while you sleep can help keep your body aligned and help with waking up with less aches and pains. 

Pillows Health and Wellbeing Onkaparinga
Australian Wool Surround Pillow, Onkaparinga

Choose your type of pillow.

The correct profile can often also help with relaxation by reducing pressure on certain parts of your body, head and neck.  It may also aid in being able to breathe more easily, allowing you to wake up fresher after a great night’s sleep.

Look for a low profile for stomach sleepers, medium or high for side & back sleepers (choose which suits your body and preference best).  

Materials of pillows vary widely, from polyester blends to premium duck and goose down & feather pillows and everything in between. When replacing your pillow, look for quality materials that will last for a few years with good care, until it is time to replace your pillow again.

A wool blend pillow will suit side and back sleepers well, with a premium cotton cover and a blend of polyester and Australian wool, you will benefit from the anti-bacterial properties and added temperature regulating properties from the cotton and wool.  View our Australian Made Wool Rich Pillows HERE.

Pillows Health and Wellbeing Onkaparinga
Onkaparinga Australian Made, Wool Rich Pillow.

A latex or memory foam pillow will hold its firmness for a great night’s sleep.  Suited to back and side sleepers that require a firmer feel, our dual layer pillows have an added pillow top layer to give you that soft cushiony feel on top of the firmness.  A great way to get the best of both worlds, view our Dual Layer pillows HERE.

Natural Talalay pillows are made from the natural sap of the rubber tree and gives a firm feel for both side and back sleepers with two profiles available.  These pillows will provide superior support wile gently cushioning your head and neck.  View the range HERE.

Pillows Health and Wellbeing Onkaparinga
Onkaparinga Down & Feather Pillows

Down and feather pillows are a premium pillow and you will feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.  Great for stomach or side sleepers our down & feather pillows have an added layer of support within to help keep shape and support for the coming years while you sleep.  View our premium Down & Feather Surround Pillows HERE.

What about the rest of your bedding?

To ensure you are set up for a great night’s sleep it is important to make sure you have the correct bedding to suit you and your environment.  Ensure you are cosying up with the right materials for your body and the climate you are sleeping in.  Look for more natural fibres for their breathable and temperature regulating properties to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.  To find the right quilt for you VISIT THIS PAGE.

Diamond Rose Cotton Pillow Protectors - A beautiful way to protect your investment.
Diamond Rose Cotton Pillow Protectors – A beautiful way to protect your investment.

Sleep is a vital part of heath and wellbeing, ensuring you are sleeping with the best to suit your body each night and getting enough hours in bed, will help keep you and your health on track without much fuss.

Visit the website to find your perfect bedding solution HERE.

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