Stories of yesteryear…

We hear many stories of the Onkaparinga blankets from the early days of the brand still being used and kept as family heirlooms today.  Now almost a collector’s item, the vintage Onkaparinga blankets are a rare find in today’s society and almost a thing of the past.

Designed and manufactured in Lobethal SA originally at the Onkaparinga Woollen Mills the blankets were something special.

Onkparinga factory

Below we share some stories from those who have shared them with us.

Still with the tags on…

Meg shared images of her Onkaparinga blanket with us, Meg is still holding onto her beautiful blanket in red tartan style still with the tags on. 100% pure wool, her Onkaparinga blanket is still in peak condition all these years later.

Vintage Onkaparinga Blanket

Vintage Onkaparinga Blanket

A daughter shares her father’s WW2 story…

Isaac Hawkins Soldier with Onkaparinga blanket WW2

Soldier in World War Two Isaac Hawkins

A soldier in WW2 Isaac Hawkins was thankful to have a warm blanket to get him through the long nights alongside his mates.  His daughter shared images of Isaac during the war and of his 1940’s Onkaparinga blanket that she holds so dearly today.

Jean shared this story with us from Canada, where she lives and still cherishes that blanket.

“Thank you for keeping him warm during the war and for keeping me warm today with memories” Jean – Alberta, Canada.


70 years of cherished family memories…

Some beautiful memories were made for the McBurney family, with a beautiful Onkaparinga travel blanket.  Kay contacted us with stories of cherished memories of her parents and outings shared with them and her late sister Judy and we were fascinated to hear it is 70 years old, still with the tag and in great condition.   Pure wool, a beautiful brown and beige with fringed edging, a style that could easily be part of today’s décor.


Kay’s late sister was the beautiful and talented Judy McBurney. A much loved Australian actress, voice over artist and model, well known for her appearances in The Young Doctors and Prisoner, a part of Australian history herself, what a story it was to find out that she had cherished the blanket enough to hold onto it for so many years!  With her parents and sister now sadly passed, Kay had found that her sister had held on to the beautiful blanket for years, and thankfully decided to share those memories with us.

We are lucky to now be the custodians of this blanket, with it now being cherished right here with us after it being generously donated to our small but growing collection.


We are glad to be part of those memories for Kay and her family and love to hear these stories!

55 years on, a glory box story…

We were excited to hear a story shared with us from 2GB radio station a few years ago, a lovely caller told the story of how she had Onkaparinga Australian wool blankets in her glory box when she got married 55 years earlier!

She and her husband still have them on the bed to this day and told the story, listen below…


Putting out fires…

We have even heard a story of a couple that cherished their Onkaparinga blankets, blankets that were still used on their beds… until a house fire swept through.  Onkaparinga blankets were used to put out the fires, but the owners still to this day were disappointed the blankets did not survive after saving the house.

Cherished memories…

There are many more stories of the Onkaparinga blankets, those we hear of everyday.  Stories of children that grew into adults remembering the blankets they had on their bed’s way back when.  Stories of children that are now trying to get those blankets of their parents (and stories of parents that won’t yet part with them!).

We have grandparents with memories of wrapping their children in Onkaparinga blankets, who are now doing the same for new grandchildren.

We are very proud to be a small part of such a historical brand and love to hear these stories.

If you have a story you would like us to share, please email your story (and some images if you have them) to .  We love to share your stories!


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