Styling your bathroom for a luxurious look.

Simply for yourself, styling your bathroom for a luxurious look can give you the feeling of being in a day spa or premium hotel.  It can change the feel of a home when guests arrive and find a cohesive look throughout the bathroom.

Bathroom styling Onkaparinga towels bathroom

Quality towels can add a luxurious feel just by coordinating colours and textures to suit your décor.

Adding a touch of colour to an otherwise neutral bathroom can really impact the mood in the room.  By using a colour darker or brighter than your normal style you can change the look dramatically and help you fall in love with your bathroom all over again, without an expensive upgrade.

If you like to mix it up a little, find a colour you love and experiment by using different shades of that colour in your bathroom, try light grey to deep charcoal or black or light blue to bright teal.  Keeping it coordinated even in the busiest of bathrooms will help to give that relaxed feel.

Onkaparinga Bathroom Towels

Ensuring you invest in the highest quality towel that suits the feel that you prefer will keep your bathroom looking fresh and luxurious for years to come not to mention give you that day spa feeling whenever you use them.

Find a towel that you like the feel of as well as the look.  We love a fluffy, soft towel with a high cotton count, premium cotton that will stand the test of time and remain to give that premium hotel feel for a long while. They not only feel amazing and dry well, they look inviting, enticing you to relax and take some time out in your bathroom space.

Storing your clean towels in the bathroom as décor can be a great addition to help achieve that luxurious feel.  Storing rolled towels in a basket or shelf in your bathroom can help add a little touch of luxury and an added touch of colour.  Alternatively using hooks or ladders in the bathroom can help store excess towels while helping to keep them dry, and well-aired.  A great addition to a busy bathroom.

Onkaparinga cotton towels

Giving your bathroom an update can be as easy as adding some fresh new towels to the space and coordinating the look throughout. Keeping a few sets of quality towels on hand can not only allow for that ‘fresh towel’ feel by rotating regularly, keeping a few sets in different colours can update the look and feel of your bathroom each time you add fresh towels to the space.

Onkaparinga bathroom towels

We recommend purchasing additional bath mat’s and hand towels with each set of towels you invest in. This allows for regular laundering of these frequently used towels and helps avoid excess use of your regular bath sheets or bath towels for handwashing and frequent use.

Care instructions

Always follow the care instructions included on the towel.  Avoid products that may bleach the colour and we recommend not using any fabric softeners.

Onkaparinga bathroom towels

View our towel collection HERE.  Premium 100% cotton towels available in multiple colors to suit any decor.

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