The benefits of a weighted blanket.

The benefits of a weighted blanket can help everyone relax faster, calm the mind and body easier and sleep deeper.

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A weighted blanket is engineered to fit your needs individually.  When used at approximately 10% of your body weight the feeling of being held can relax the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being hugged.  This feeling has been shown to increase serotonin and melatonin levels in the body that helps improve your mood.  It can also help to decrease cortisol levels that will help promote a restful, relaxed feeling that should improve sleep patterns to increase the amount of deep sleep you are getting each and every night.

Engineered with a quality cotton cover encasing the weighted glass beads and including a removable machine washable cotton cover our weighted blankets are prefect for allergy sufferers. Made with non-toxic, environmentally friendly fine grade glass beads our naturally breathable cotton blankets will keep you relaxed and comfortable year round.

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The positive effects a weighted blanket can bring to your daily routine include improved sleep that can help with improved moods, alleviate the negative symptoms of stress, promote clearer thinking and reduced anxiety and stress.

The luxurious feel of our cotton covered weighted blankets will help you feel calm and relaxed.  Perfect for when you need a little ‘me’ time.


Choosing the right blanket for yourself or a loved one is simple.  Choose the body weight that best represents you and choose the blanket recommended for that weight. Choosing increased weight will not give a better result, so it is recommended to choose from the categories below.

Bodyweight  20-35kg –  Choose kids size 3kg

Bodyweight  35-60kg –  Choose adults size 5kg

Bodyweight  60-80kg –  Choose adults size 7kg

Bodyweight  80-100kg –  Choose adults size 9kg

Always ensure the user can safely remove the blanket themselves before leaving unsupervised.

Use your blanket when relaxing with a good book, meditating, taking a well-deserved nap or to get a great night’s sleep.


Available in kids or adults sizes and in a colour to suit your home and lifestyle, view our collection of weighted blankets HERE.

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