Want that hotel bed feel at home?

Come the holiday season we don’t want to leave the resort or hotel, especially the bed!

Those fresh sheets and that extra layer of luxe just has us all wanting to order room service and stay in.

Bring that hotel luxe feel into your home by investing in a few premium items that will have you enjoying that feeling for years to come.

Hotel bed at home with Onkaparinga

Then key to enjoying your bed each, and every night is layering it with toppers, quilts and pillows that are soft to the touch and covered with luxurious cottons to keep your bedding feeling fresh.

Begin with the bottom layer of your bed.  With any mattress you want to ensure you protect it from any soiling or accidental spills.  This will help maintain the life of your investment and keep it in great condition.  Add a waterproof mattress protector as your base layer, for practicality.

Now for the luxe, choose a topper that has a soft cotton cover and add this to your mattress for an added layer of loft to lay on at the end of the day.  Without compromising the firmness of your mattress, a topper adds a soft layer that moulds to your body shape as you sleep, giving you the feeling of laying on a premium quilt.

Onkaparinga hotel bed feeling.

Out of all the bedding, the sheets and pillow cases are against the skin, so getting the right quality sheet is important. Look for cotton rich sheets with a thread count that is comfortable to you, we like a 300 thread count 100 cotton fitted and flat sheet to keep us comfortable all night long.  A top sheet will also help protect your quilt from soiling and increase the lifespan of your bedding. Add some great quality sheets to your bed before adding your quilt.

A quilt is a personal choice that depends on preference and the climate of where your hotel at home is located.  For tropical climates a light cotton quilt will have you sleeping comfortably, in the fluctuating states wool or down & feather can be the key to a great night’s sleep.

Onkaparinga hotel bed feeling.

Choose a quilt to suit your sleeping style and climate and add this layer to your hotel style bed, add a quality quilt cover set in a style you love and a fabric that makes you want to touch it and you are almost ready to climb into your hotel style bed.

Add layers of pillows for that luxurious look as well as to give you the option to prop yourself up to read a book or relax in bed.  Allow yourself to add a pillow that is firm enough for you to sleep comfortably as well as another in a material you love to give you the option to change for comfort easily when needed. Add pillow cases and covers in coordinating fabrics to complete the look.  

Onkaparinga hotel bed feeling.

Investing in bedding that will have you feeling like royalty each and every night is something that comes with growing to learn that you deserve the best.

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