Our tips on how to relax for a great night’s sleep.

We all know, a great night’s sleep is essential to your health in the long term, and just to help you get through the following days, but how do you make sure you are doing your best to get a great night’s sleep?

There are many things that may help you get a great sleep, the trick is to try a few and find out what works for you.

Firstly, regardless of what type of day you have had, routine is everything, keep your sleep time and waking time consistent as often as you can.  A simple bedtime routine can help get your mind and body to begin recognising that it is time for sleep.

Prepare for tomorrow.

We find it helps to prepare for tomorrow, to stop that racing mind that sometimes creeps up on you at bedtime.  Spend a little time to pack your lunch, prepare what you need for work if its a work day and get out your diary.  Write down your ‘to do’ list for the day and add all you need to remember for the day or day’s ahead.

Then set and forget.

Get some me time.

Find something you love, for you.  Something quiet and relaxing, like reading a good book, or soaking it up in the tub. 

There may be some calming music that you like that really helps you forget the day.

Whatever it is, put aside half an hour or so to do that just before you head to bed. During this half an hour, put your phone down, turn off all notifications and set your alarm for the next day (so there is NO reason to get distracted by your phone again).

Stretch and relax.

Try some night time stretches to relax away any tension in your muscles before bed.  There are many technique for this, including bedtime yoga (you are sure to find one you like online) but whichever technique you choose, we find moving your muscles slowly up the body from the tip of your toes, up to your head and neck using small movements and stretches is a great way to prepare for great quality sleep.


Think of somewhere you love to be, somewhere you feel comfortable, relaxed and happy then imagine you are there as you close your eyes to sleep.

Concentrate on keeping this place front of mind and think about all the things you love, and hopefully before you know it, you will be off to sleep…

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