Responsible Down Standard and Down and Feather Bedding.

The Responsible Down Standard applies to the European Collection of Onkaparinga down and feather products.  This ensures that the ducks and geese involved have been treated well.  The animals used to produce the down and feathers in these products live healthy lives. They are able to express innate behaviors and live pain and distress free.

Hungarian Responsible Down Quilt

What it means to be RDS certified

To become RDS certified, the entire process from farm to manufacturer have been certified by auditors and inspectors from a third-party certifier.  RDS certified down and feathers are clearly marked during the manufacturing process to ensure no non-RDS feathers and down are mistakenly used.

This standard safeguards the animals that provide the feather and down that enable us to bring you quality, luxurious products that we all love.

Any product with the RDS logo have been certified to be 100% down and feather.

Benefits of feather and down bedding

For a luxurious sleep, down and feather will give you the warmth and comfort that you deserve.  High quality down keeps warm air in, and cold air out.  A lofty, lightweight feel down and feather quilt or pillow will stand the test of time when cared for properly.

The lightweight down will mould to your body while sleeping, allowing for the ultimate cosy night’s sleep.  The ability to wick away moisture and breathe means you will always remain fresh and comfortable while sleeping.

A naturally sustainable product, down is biodegradable and recyclable.  A good quality RDS certified quilt will last for years, allowing you to turn down heating appliances and enjoy a warm, cosy night’s sleep.

At Onkaparinga our Luxury Hungarian Goose Down and Feather quilts are expertly constructed in Europe with RDS Certified down.  The extra-large dense clusters ensure amazing loft.  Finished with a piped gusset and superior Hungarian made cotton japara cover you will be sleeping soundly knowing your quilt is of the highest quality, ethically sourced down and feather.

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