Naturally breathable Australian wool bedding.

A much-loved bedding material for decades, naturally breathable Australian wool is still a firm family favourite each, and every season.

Onkaparinga Australian Washable Wool Quilt Winter Weight

Australian Washable Wool ‘Winter Weight’ Quilt

With temperature regulating properties wool is a natural choice for bedding particularly in Australian climates.  Wool suits a variety of climates due to its breathable properties and ability to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Wool is naturally allergy friendly.  It is naturally effective in repelling dust mites and fungal spores, making it a great choice for allergy sufferers.

australian wool

Australian wool is known to be of premium quality across the world and is a choice that many overseas shoppers look for when visiting Australia and purchasing for family and friends all over the world.

The high-quality quilts are lofty to give a comfortable night’s sleep during the cooler winter nights or those balmy summer evenings.

Onkaparinga has been well known for woollen bedding since 1869.  Remembered fondly for the wool blankets our parents and grandparents had on their beds and handed down through generations.

Onkaparinga Best in Australia

Today we manufacture a range of bedding, including a wide collection of Australian wool quilts to suit even the fussiest of sleepers. Encased in cool comfortable cotton, our quilts are of the highest quality and sought after each and every year by Australian families looking for good quality bedding.

Our Australian Washable Wool Quilts are available in ‘All Seasons’ and ‘Winter Weight’ allowing for a choice selection to suit your individual needs or climate.

Australian Washable Wool Quilt All Seasons Onkaparinga

Australian Washable Wool ‘All Seasons’ Quilt

For the ultimate in Australian wool bedding our ‘Australian Made Australian Wool Quilt’ is made right here in Melbourne from premium Australian wool and encased in quality natural cotton.


Australian Made Australian Wool Quilt

Our Australian wool quilts are machine washable, adding to the benefits of wool quilts and bedding.

View our collection of quilts HERE.

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