The story behind the bed linen.

Jardin Quilt Cover Set Onkaparinga

Jardin Quilt Cover Set

Such a personal choice, bed linen is an intimate decision that can change the look and mood of a bedroom’s interior, and the level of relaxation at the end of the day or during a lazy sunny Sunday morning sleep in.

With each and every season, fresh looks are shown on newly made department store beds, splashed across social media and the glossy pages of home décor magazines.  Each season brings a new look, a new colour palette and a new trend that carries through fashion, accessories and the décor of a modern home.

Onkaparinga brings new life to bed linen each season.

Long before they reach the time when they are available to ‘add to cart’ each design is carefully curated to meet the expectations of our valued customers.

Eighteen months before the product launch date

At least eighteen months before a bed linen set reaches the first happy purchaser, our research & development team is traveling the world for inspiration.  This inspiration is brought together for our entire collection, swatches, images from magazines, inspirational images from around the world, colour pallets, ideas all put together in a series of mood boards to set the scene and get the feeling of what will be ‘the look’ of the season in twelve months’ time.

Inspiration Onkaparinga bed linen

Twelve months before the final designs are ready to ‘add to cart’.

With mood boards prepped by our development team, the development of what you see each season begins with the textile design team.  We see images coming to life on screens, we see colours changes, we see sketches come to life…we see the season that will be come to life.

Watercolour Onkaparinga Quilt Cover Set

Watercolour Quilt Cover Set

Six months before ‘the arrival’.

The final designs are chosen and we begin to see the quilt cover sets and sheet sets arrive as the first samples.  They are spread across the production tables and viewed with fresh eyes, every aspect scrutinised.  Each colour is checked and changed if need be, every button checked, every piece of the collection examined together and as a stand-alone piece.

Our bed linen is viewed, tested and sampled meticulously until we are proud to add the piece to our bed linen collection.

Renowned for beautiful bedding since 1869, we will add nothing less to our collection.

Onkaparinga bedding Ally Quilt Cover Set

Ally Quilt Cover Set

The excitement begins, the word spreads.

As the full collection comes together the word begins to spread, new seasons quilt cover sets, sheet sets and accessories are on their way.  For a select few, the designs are sighted.  Magazines, influencers and the photography team are briefed on what is on its way.

Sarina Quilt Cover Set Onkaparinga

Sarina Quilt Cover Set

The creative team work on styling and photography, the marketing team get ready for launch day.

And the new season styles are available, they are in shopping carts, they are in the glossy magazines, they are splashed across social media…and we are already eighteen months ahead, getting excited about what you will see from us for the next eighteen months!

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