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Proudly supporting Boating for Brains

Boating for brains Boating for Brains proudly supports Neurology at The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne .  We recently donated a bedding pack that contributed to raising $80,000 at their launch event’s silent auction, a great result! The Boating for Brains crew have been busy breaking Guinness World Records by paddling along the Murray River from Yarrawonga to Swan Hill in an […] Continue reading →

The story behind the bed linen.

Watercolour Onkaparinga Quilt Cover Set Jardin Quilt Cover Set Such a personal choice, bed linen is an intimate decision that can change the look and mood of a bedroom’s interior, and the level of relaxation at the end of the day or during a lazy sunny Sunday morning sleep in. With each and every season, fresh looks are shown on […] Continue reading →

Oeko-Tex and Onkaparinga Bedding

Onkaparinga Australian Washable Wool Quilt Winter Weight Here at Onkaparinga we strive to bring you products of the highest quality, that’s why you will find a lot of our products marked with the Oeko-Tex symbol, and the range is growing constantly. Look for the Oeko-Tex logo on Onkaparinga products. But what does Oeko-Tex mean to you? When you purchase a product with […] Continue reading →

Responsible Down Standard and Down and Feather Bedding.

Hungarian Responsible Down Quilt The Responsible Down Standard applies to the European Collection of Onkaparinga down and feather products.  This ensures that the ducks and geese involved have been treated well.  The animals used to produce the down and feathers in these products live healthy lives. They are able to express innate behaviors and live pain and distress free. What […] Continue reading →

A New Chapter for Onkaparinga

Onkparinga factory William A McNeil & Co (WAM) took over the reins of the Onkaparinga brand in 2013. Beginning a new chapter for the bedding and homewares brand. William A McNeil & Co is a trusted name within the textile industry with over 40 years of experience. Offering quality, up to date and innovative products is the WAM […] Continue reading →